SIP IP Video Door Phone

VBell series of intercoms provide free cloud services, so you never miss a visitor’s call; as always at home.

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DP-104 SIP IP Video Door Phone

The DP-104 SIP Based IP Video Door Intercom Station is a new, elegant video door intercom with a compact shape that has an easy-to-install surface mount. It works with SIP based phone systems and is compatible with most modern IPBX systems supporting both audio and video.

If you want to identify who is at your door before you answer the phone or before letting them in, then the door phone is available with a built-in IP camera supporting up to 1280 x 720 HD video. This video can be viewed in a web browser and shows real-time video on a PC or on a mobile phone/tablet that supports iOS and Android.

The DP-104 SIP Video Door Phone allows entry with the simple press of a key. It is great for unattended lobbies, front doors, gates, warehouse doors, or anywhere visitors may require assistance. Therefore, it is equally suited for commercial, residential, or public facilities.

Key Features:

  • COMS 1280 x 720 HD Camera Sensor
  • Support H.264 , Motion-JPEG Video codec
  • Super High-Performance Echo Cancellation technology
  • The shortest voice delay (below 1~0.5 second)
  • Support VoIP technology and SIP (FRC3261) protocol
  • Support SIP Register mode and Peer to Peer mode
  • Support most SIP Client compatibility
  • Support RTSP Protocol
  • Compatible with most modern IPBX systems such as Asterisk IP-PBX
  • Build-in One Relay output port (control door lock or alarm)
  • Build-in One DI port ( for Door sensor, PIR, Emergency button)

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DP-201 Outdoor SIP IP Video Door Phone

DP-201 SIP IP door phone with flush mount and water proof, run on the Internet and provide more services for access control system, is coming soon. It can be combined with IP Phone as a tool to open the door. It can also be combined with a smartphone (supported both iOS and Android system) as a tool to open the door. Let users no longer limited by time and place. No matter where you are, can talk with visitors who at your door and remote open the door for visitors.

The DP-201 outdoor SIP IP video door phone adopts VoIP SIP protocol, and supports SIP register mode and peer to peer mode. It can work with most modern IP-PBX such as Asterisk…etc. It also allows users make a call by inputting the IP address of the call receiver directly. No IP-PBX is needed, which saves the cost for the system implementation.

The key features of DP-201 are described as follows:

  • Water proof Level: IP54
  • Infrared fill light
  • Embedded mount
  • Build-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) (IEEE802.3af)
  • Build-in RFID MiFare Card Reader
  • Aluminum brushed metal panel

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DP-303 4.3inch Intelligent Building IP Intercom

DP-303 Intelligent Building IP Intercom is suitable for door entrance access control of the residential community, with a 4.3-inch color TFT LCD screen, support for SIP protocol and provide point to point mode, you can enter the IP address directly to talk with who at your door.

The key features of DP-303 are described as follows:

  • 4.3-inch color TFT LCD screen
  • COMS 1280 x 720 HD camera sensor
  • With infrared LED lights
  • Support TCP/IP、SIP、RTSP protocol
  • Support H.264 video codec
  • Build-in RFID MiFare Card Reader
  • IP network card reader interface