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Z-Wave Gateway [ AVA-88 ]

AVA-88 Z-Wave Gateway

Easy yet powerful one-app control for cameras, door locks, sensors, thermostats and other home automation and security devices (sold separately) you can view and control from anywhere! Create custom scenes and sequences. Use smartphone, tablet or computer for control and setup. Provides home security, energy savings and peace of mind. Compatible with most major brands. No monthly fees are required.


  • AVA-88 is compatible with a wider universe of devices than any competitor (including over 1200 Z-Wave devices).
  • Easy interview style setup procedure.
  • Use mobile apps to set up and remote control your system from any iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Easy, intuitive interface is the same across all platforms.
  • View and control your system from anywhere in the world (where there’s Internet.).
  • Advanced occupancy sensing, push notifications, and creation of custom automation scenes where one device triggers another—or use time of day, or other triggers to control lights, door locks, etc.
  • Receive notifications when water is detected in the basement, when the smoke detector triggers, or when anything else happens with your UltraHub system.
  • AVA-88 connect to Cloud Server via VPN encryption method.
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