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SIP Based IP Video Door Phone

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DP-104 SIP Based IP Video Door Intercom Station
with PoE, RFID

Product Information
DP-104 SIP-based VoIP H.264 Video Door Phone is designed to work with SIP-based IP-PBX Systems. It comes with integrated 10/100 Ethernet port with PoE. It can interoperate with most IP-PBX like asterisk pbx. 
  • Support VoIP SIP Protocol RFC-3261
  • HD Camera resolution 720x1280
  • Support H.264 Video Codec
  • Build in AES acoustic echo cancellation DSP
  • Support API (HTTP/CGI) for integration any Home automation server connected IoT gateway.
  • Optional Add POE , RFID Reader module
  • Support Video RTSP and RTP video streaming
  • HTTP get Motion-JPEG video stream
  • Programable Digital input and Relay output
  • Camera support 112 degrees wide View angle

Z-Wave Gateway

AVA-88 Z-Wave controller Gateway with wifi network.
  • Build-in 5 Gen. Z-Wave chip ZM5202
  • Z-wave external antenna for increases Z-Wave’s RF range
  • Build-in 802.11 b/g/n wifi and RJ45 Ethernet internet interface
  • To set schedule and triggers to let your home more convenience and safe.
  • To provide Http /CGI interface API for customer who could develop own User interface APP.

Avacontrol-100 Z-Wave controller Gateway
The avaControl-100 is a fully equipped Z-Wave Internet Gateway. 
Avadesign Avacontrol-100 is a consumer electronics device used for home automation. Avacontrol-100 Z-wav gateway communicates with electronic sensors and devices located throughout home using wireless and wired communications and connects to central portal server using existing broadband connection (Cable or DSL).

USB Z-Wave module allows user to control Z-Wave sensors, appliance controls and automation devices.
Avacontrol-100 integrates multiple complicated control, automation and internet protocols into one simple plug’n’play device. It provides a clear, consistent interface that allows user to manage home easily, whether at home, office or using mobile phone on the road.

The Avacontrol-100 controls switches, dimmers, motion sensors, temperature sensors and many more Z-Wave devices.
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