VBell DP-901 IP Emergency Intercom


VBell DP-901 IP Emergency Intercom Station

Main features:

  • It’s unnecessary to have other cable because you could use original IP network which build connection between end emergent device and Security center.
  • 1 unit DP-901 could call to 5 video phones which are in Security center at same time. A person who is in Security center could talk with caller and see video at same time. Besides, video phone will show Call IP to understand the location of calling when person pick up emergent call.
  • Video phone (AVA-610) which is in security center could receive many calls of DP-901 without limit.


Technical Specifications

  • COMS 1280 x 720 HD Camera Sensor
  • Lens : 112 degrees Wide Range Video View angle
  • Support G711u
  • Build-in Hardware AEC ( Acoustic Echo Cancellation )
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 204.5×117.3x38mm