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SHS 3830 is an embedded server that provides IP-PBX functions and two WAN ports Router features. The Firewall and QoS improves VoIP network voice quality.

The IP-PBX module of SHS 3830 is a SIP-based IP-PBX that can create telephony systems for home and small-to-medium enterprises. Since it supports industry-standard SIP, it works with all SIP-supported products and devices available today. The key features of SHS 3830 are quiet, power saving, stability
SHS-3830 Specification:
SIP IP-PBX Function
  • RFC3261 compliance
    SIP UDP/TCP Protocol
    MD5 Digest Authentication (RFC2069/RFC2617)
    Allow FXO/FXS gateway, IP Phone and the DP-104 SIP IP video door phone to register.
    Support 50 registered extensions
    Easy install APP on smart phone to become SIP IP-PBX client extension Support SIP Trunk
  • Support Audio Codec G.711 A-law/μ-law
    • Support pass through Video Call
    • Out Band DTMF (RFC4733, RFC2833 / SIP INFO)
    • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
    • Automatic voice attendant
    • Record your own greeting voice messages via voice file up-load from Web NAT Traversal configurable
    • Blind Transfer
    • Configurable Call and Pickup group
    • Block Anonymous Call
    • Call Hold
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Park
  • Call Queuing
    Call Routing (DID & ANI) (in dial-plan function)
    Caller ID
    Route by Caller ID (in dial-plan function)
    Music On Hold
    Music On Transfer
    Time and Date
    Flexible Dial Plan
    Support Multi call rule to configure
    Outgoing Routing Rule (Drop, Replace, Add) and Routes selection
    Incoming Routing Rule (Drop, Replace, Add) Dial Group Setting
    Call Group, Pick up group setting
    Configure maximum concurrent SIP calls RTP Routed or Direct mode selection
    SIP Trunk setting
  • Cellular Phone resonance setting
    Video preview setting
    Flexible Routing Plan
    Voice broadcasting over IP Phone with separated group Provide CDR log file
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