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ZW4101 Z-Wave Curtain Module (Signal output)

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Thanks for choosing Avadesign's curtain control module. Users easily control the curtain to open and close by sending Z-Wave signals from the Z-Wave Interface Controller. This module will send open/close signals to the appliance that is attached to this module by receiving Z-Wave signals from the controller or manual switch. Our special design of the curtain not only can be opened and closed but also can be stopped under the Multilevel Switch command on the controller. This module also acts as a repeater (supporting FLiRS devices).

This module is a Z-Wave enabled device (inter-operable, two-way RF mesh networking technology) and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. Every main-powered Z-Wave enabled device acts as a signal repeater and multiple devices result in more possible transmission routes which helps eliminate “RF dead-sports”.

Z-Wave enabled devices displaying the Z-Wave logo can also be used with it regardless of the manufacturer, and ours can also be used in other manufacturer’s Z-Wave enabled networks.

Features :

Frequency Range:
  • 868.42MHz (ZW 4101EU)
  • 908.42MHz (ZW 4101US)
  • 921.42MHz (Z W 4101BR)
  • Operating Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
  • Operating Temp.: -15°C~ 60°C (5°F ~140°F)
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Current Consumption: 25mA
  • OPEN output: -VE, 100mA (max)
  • CLOSE output: -VE, 100mA (max)
  • STOP output: -VE, 100mA (max)

  • 85 *48*30mm

Package Contain :
  • 1pc ZW 4101 Curtain Control Module
  • 1pc Installation & Operation Manual

Z-Wave Command Classes:
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