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ZF5201 Z-Wave Flood Sensor

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Thanks for choosing Avadesign’s flood sensor. This sensor sends Z-WAVE signals when it detects leaking water. It can be put under the refrigerator, and the sensor will be triggered when the refrigerator is leaking and the two probes of the detector both detect water at the same time. You can also put the detector anywhere that might leak. With this sensor you can avoid flooding quickly.

This sensor is a Z-Wave enabled device (interoperable, two-way RF mesh networking technology) and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. Every main-powered Z-Wave enabled device acts as a signal repeater and multiple devices result in more possible transmission routes which helps eliminate “RF dead-sports”

Z-Wave enabled devices displaying the Z-Wave logo can also be used with it regardless of the manufacturer, and ours can also be used in other manufacturer’s Z-Wave enabled networks.

Features :

Frequency Range:
  • 865.22 MHz (ZF5201IN)
  • 868.42MHz (ZF5201EU)
  • 869.00 MHz (ZF5201RU)
  • 908.42MHz (ZF5201US)
  • 916.00MHz (ZF5201IS)
  • 920.00 MHz (ZF5201JP)
  • 921.42MHz (ZF5201BR)

  • Operating Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
  • Operating Temp.: -15°C~ 60°C (5°F ~140°F)


Package Content :
  • 1pc ZF5201 sensor
  • 1pc CR123A Battery
  • 1pcs Installation & Operation manual
  • 2pc Adhesive tape for sensor
  • 4pc Screws for bracket/ sensor

Z-Wave Command Classes:
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