VOIP gateway 對講機系統


型號               說明AH-111     FXS+1FXO, 1WAN, 1LANAH-111p1   FXS+PSTN, 1WAN, 1LANAH-120S   2FXS, 1WAN, 1LANAH-110S    1FXS, 1WAN, 1LAN


AH100 series Gateway are Residential Gateway equipped with 1/2 FXS, 1 FXS+FXO/FXS+PSTN ports, one 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet WAN Port, and one10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet LAN Ports. With the integration of both voice and data, the H100 series offer ability to route data information into network solution. In addition to standard NAT router function services, end-users are enabled with low-cost long-distance calling by using Voice over IP technology.The AH100 series Gateway have voice support that include Quality of Service (QoS), voice compression, echo cancellation, dynamic latency (jitter) buffers, silence suppression, and comfort noise generation.

Key Features

  • Support VoIP SIP Protocal (RFC3261)
  • Support 1/2 simultaneous VoIP Calls
  • 1LAN and 1 WAN Port
  • Support QoS for VoIP, Bandwidth Control (Traffic shaping)
  • Support SIP VoIP standard protocol
  • Support register up to 4 SIP servers
  • Support APS (Auto Provision Server)
  • Support Multiple dialing plan / Call hunting group
  • Support SNMP, SNTP, HTTP, NAT ,uPnP, TFTP
  • User friendly Web GUI


SIP VoIP gateway 串接傳統電話線網路與IP網路電話系統的閘道器( VoIP Gateway )